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SLUM School by Mohammad Rohayl Varind is Pakistan’s First Solar Night School & World’s One of the First Solar Night School. It’s an attempt to educate millions of child labourers and underprivileged youth after the sunset using solar power because they work the whole day and gets free from their jobs/work at night.

SLUM = Solar Lights Under Moon


Rohayl SLUM School



SLUM School by Mohammad Rohayl is World’s First Solar Night School for child labourers located in Faisalabad. Our Solar Night School is an attempt to educate millions of child labourers & underprivileged youth. It’s an attempt to win war against poverty, illiteracy & terrorism.

SLUM abbreviation. SLUM = Solar Lights Under Moon

It’s an alternative education system for 23 million out of school children living in Pakistan. Most of these children work the whole day & gets free at night. Our school starts around 7 PM after sunset so these students can easily join us after their work which usually ends before this time.

SLUM School is a system of education designed for deserving yet underprivileged students. Since its inauguration in 2016, it is teaching more than 100 students with free provisions of food, bags, books, clothes, sports items, and stationary in the slum of Faisalabad.

The school not only teaches the basics to children from underprivileged backgrounds but also teaches them basic ethics and etiquette. There are also some other engaging activities Family Days, Sports Days, Ice Cream days, Mango Parties, Eid Milan Parties, Arts Classes etc the school has tried to keep the students interested. There are also distribution ceremonies where students are given chocolates, biscuits, clothes, food and other gifts.

The classes take place outdoors with just a whiteboard for the teacher to write on and a piece of cloth for the students to sit and learn. Rohayl has taken it upon himself to go to the school for at least two hours on a daily basis.

The quality of education at the SLUM School is in no way enough to negate the need for a formal education, but the effort alone is commendable. Rohayl Varind also argues that “the main motive is to bring knowledge and basic level education to otherwise deprived children and adults, who would not be having even an inkling of or just meager knowledge or education otherwise”.

Rohayl Varind started SLUM School when he was 21 years old. He teaches in his SLUM School at night by using solar fans & solar nights. These special classes are conducted for students who are involved in child labour and returns home after sunset. Moreover parents of our students also attends these night classes. Rohayl Varind has been teaching there alone since the begining.

As it’s a dream project for Rohayl he tried his best to do anything which he can for his SLUM School (An alternative education system) as his country is above him and any loss which he is bearing. It’s been several decades Pakistan is facing illiteracy and only education can change Pakistan’s present & future. So he needs to work even more hard to achieve his goal to create an alternative education system for 23 million underprivileged children and millions of underprivileged youth.

Digital Equality: Empowering child labourers, underprivileged youth, street children & children living in slums in Pakistan with Information and Technology. We believe it is the portal to upward mobility, a means for students to escape poverty. This is the reason we are teaching our students how to use IT, Laptop, Adobe Photoshop etc. We are trying to replace besom & broom with laptop. Currently we are teaching graphic designing to our female students who are working as house help & maid.

SLUM School has also been featured & appreciated by numerous International Media & Organisations, Pakistani news channels & news papers including BBC News, BBC World, BBC future, BBC News Urdu, BBC News Hindi, BBC News Punjabi, Gulf News, World Economic Forum, TRT World, Quartz, VOA Urdu, ARY News, GEO News, Express News, 24 News, BOL News, Daily Pakistan, Jang Newspaper, Brilio, Xuehua etc.

Our work has been featured & translated in Chinese, Russian, Thai, German, Albanian, Hindi, Portuguese & Indonesian language as well. Now, SLUM School hopes to spread this concept further around the country and encourage other people to take part as well. School is self-funded and Rohayl bears all the expenses of his welfare initiative.

Moreover, we don’t take cash donations we prefer people to donate their time. We want people to volunteer at our SLUM School. We also want people to buy a board and a board marker themselves and start teaching unprivileged kids around them, like their maids, the security guards or their children, and so on.

We tried our best to create “World’s best school for child labourers & underprivileged youth,

SLUM School is an alternative education system for 23 million out of school children and millions of illiterate adults & youth living in Pakistan. Most of these out of school children works whole day & gets free at night. Our school starts around 7 PM after sunset so these students can easily join us after their work which usually ends before this time. Pakistani Government failing to educate The previous and current federal and provincial governments made tall claims about improving the education sector but official statistics presents a bleak picture.

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